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(Photo Courtesy Matt Houser - RPCV Belize)

Hiring Now: Emergency Response Network Jobs with King County Public Health Department


The National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) is currently fielding a team of RPCVs as COVID-19 information resource coordinators (call staff) with the King County Public Health Department.

The existing team has been working in the pilot Emergency Response Network program since October 2020. Following the success of our contact tracing efforts from 2020 and early this year, as Public Information Resource Coordinators, NPCA is excited to expand the team.

Positions are paid, full-time, and home-based.
A minimum of 23 to 40 hours per week and a 6 to 12-month commitment is required. Positions include benefits depending on the number of hours worked. All candidates must be residents of Washington State, but King County residency is not required.

Training and equipment will be provided. Employment will be contingent upon completing a final interview and assessment.

Applications due: October 30, 2021

How to apply:

Send a cover letter and resume addressed to Dan Baker:

Cover letter and resume must confirm that applicants are located in Washington State and your country and years of Peace Corps service. 

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